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Nutrition supplements formulated for the female body. Clean label ingredients, high-quality products, no added sugar, no fillers or extra stuff you don't need. AURA products give you that youthful glow, help you feel lighter, feel more energized and allow you to THRIVE.

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Insanely Smooth

I've tried a lot of plant based protein powders and this is by for the most delicious and the only one I will buy. The texture is insanely smooth/fine so there's absolutely no gritty mouth feel and the vanilla flavour is delicious, not an artificial vanilla flavour like so many others I've tried. I love this stuff.

Vanessa D.

"would be hard to deter me elsewhere"

So so glad I was referred the AURA Nutrition brand by a friend. It fulfilled my goal of finding a Canadian-based and British Columbia born vegan protein powder! It would be hard to deter me elsewhere at this point. xx.

Clare P.

Love, love, love

Love love love this collagen creamer. I’ve tried a lot of them and it’s definitely my favourite so much that I just subscribed to the monthly membership. It’s really worth the investment. I put it in my herbal coffee Rasa and it’s just insanely good.

Katerine B.

I love these products

I started out using the MCTs and Collagen coffee creamer and was so pleased with the taste, texture and how well it dissolved. I love collagen and all the benefits. This company makes great products.

Cara J.

"Canadian and lead by women"

AURA is a great quality product. I love that they are Canadian and lead by women. As a woman who runs her own business I love supporting like-minded businesses. I love they have samples so you can try before you buy.

Angela S.

Proudly Canadian



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