Delicious Keto Iced Coffee

I put my samples in my morning keto iced coffees that I make, and blended them up! Made them very frothy, and delicious!

Micheal G.

So so glad I was referred the AURA Nutrition brand by a friend. It fulfilled my goal of finding a Canadian-based and British Columbia born vegan protein powder! It would be hard to deter me elsewhere at this point. xx.

Clare P.

I am obsessed with AURA’s Collagen Creamer! It is so delicious that I am excited to have it in my morning coffee! Supplements usually don’t taste amazing so I was shocked at how much I love this.. I will be buying more.

Kelli S.

Perfect and healthy snacks

I love the BC raspberries, great taste and the perfect, healthy snack when you are feeling like a pick me up, would recommend to all!

Garry C.

AURA is a great quality product. I love that they are Canadian and lead by women. As a woman who runs her own business I love supporting like-minded businesses. I love they have samples so you can try before you buy.

Angela S.

Proudly Canadian

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