I am obsessed with AURA Collagen Creamer! I bought collagen pills from elsewhere and I could never remember to take them. This creamer is so delicious that I am excited to have it in my morning coffee! Supplements usually don’t taste amazing so I was shocked at how much I love this.. I will be buying more.

Kelli S.

Feel Good

Collagen, MCT & Protein products are my favourite on the market. Not only do they have an incredible product offering but they were founded by and are presently run by an incredibly powerful team of female entrepreneurs, nutritionists and healers.


Loving the Marine Collagen

I’ve been looking for a safe, halal and mostly important rightly sourced Marine Collagen.
I’m glad to have to get my hands on them through Shop and shout. Now my whole family & friends are using it 👍🏻

Foodilicious Muslim Mom

Thank you AURA, your products & company are fantastic!!!

I was so satisfied with my first order that I ordered more products! In total I have the Collagen Generator, Collagen Creamer with MCT and the Wild Ocean Marine Collagen. I love all 3! The creamer in my morning coffee is just delicious. Also, my previous experience with another company's collagen was that you could taste it - with these there is no taste or smell - yay!! Super fast shipping too! Thank you Aura, your products and company are fantastic!

Agnes M.

Great Quality Products

Aura is a greatly quality product. I love that they are Canadian and lead by women.
As a woman who runs her own business I love supporting like-minded businesses. I love they have samples so you can try before you buy and I also ordered some of their sample packs to use as giveaways to some of my fitness students!

Angela S.

Proudly Canadian

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