Whey Women Need Collagen AURA Nutrition
Why Women Need Collagen

  The female body is so amazing and complex. As a woman and a nutritionist, I am aware of how often my nutritio...

Posted by Your Aura on December 18, 2019
A Close–Up on Collagen | AURA Nutrition
A Close–Up on Collagen

Collagen -- you might have heard of it before; you might even already be using it. But what exactly is collagen...

Posted by Your Aura on December 04, 2019
Collagen–Call-Out | AURA Nutrition Blog
Collagen Call–Out

Like retinol or squalane, collagen is one of those skin-care buzzwords we know is good for us but aren't necess...

Posted by Sarah Choi on October 01, 2019