Fats and Brain Health | AURA HEALTH = HAPPINESS Blog Post
Fats and Brain Health

We are all concerned to some degree about any decline in our overall mental performance, memory and cognition. W...

Posted by Sarah Choi on March 22, 2021
Whey Women Need Collagen AURA Nutrition
Why Women Need Collagen

  The female body is so amazing and complex. As a woman and a nutritionist, I am aware of how often my nutritio...

Posted by Your Aura on December 18, 2019
A Close–Up on Collagen | AURA Nutrition
A Close–Up on Collagen

Collagen -- you might have heard of it before; you might even already be using it. But what exactly is collagen...

Posted by Your Aura on December 04, 2019
Collagen–Call-Out | AURA Nutrition Blog
Collagen Call–Out

Like retinol or squalane, collagen is one of those skin-care buzzwords we know is good for us but aren't necess...

Posted by Sarah Choi on October 01, 2019
Welcome to Your AURA | AURA Nutrition Blog
Welcome to Your AURA

 Women… We’re strong… but don’t realize how much. We’re beautiful… but often can’t see it in the mirror. We’re...

Posted by Sarah Choi on September 05, 2018