11 High-Fiber Foods That You'll Actually Enjoy!

You know you need to eat more fiber. You know the reasons why, from bikini bod to just better overall health. What & Why are easy, the snag sometimes is How. Porridge? UGH. Here are 11 high-fiber foods that you’ll always look forward to:

1) Half-Cup Chia Seeds = 150% of RDA

Soak overnight: 1/2 cup chia, 1 tsp raw cacao, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1 tbsp maple syrup, 1.5 cups water. 60-second prep and you have chocolate chia pudding for breakfast. That means you’ll cover a full day’s worth of fiber before everyone else is even awake. Bonus: 15 grams of protein and a healthy dose of omegas built right in. Time Saver: Make a week’s worth at a time, it holds in the fridge perfectly. That’s 60 seconds very well spent.

2) One Cup Banana Chips = 40% of RDA

Can you think of a better instant energy boost? And who doesn’t love crunch? Easy to dehydrate at home but also sold everywhere.

3) One Cup Pistachios = 50% of RDA

Swap out the cheese for pistachios in your home-made pesto, you won’t believe the flavor, so good. …Or just munch on raw pistachios. It’s a terrific late-night food, making you feel satiated and oblivious to the cookie jar.

4) One Cup Sun Dried Tomatoes = 27% of RDA

Blender: 1 cup sun dried tomatoes, 1/2 cup avocado oil, lemon, salt, pepper, clove garlic, oregano = Your new favorite salad dressing that is high fiber, happy brain food, and keeps you away from processed dressings.

5) One Artichoke = 41% of RDA

SO easy to keep a jar in the fridge and just toss one or two on any meal. Don’t feel limited to salads, think of artichokes as a great side dish. Just 3 of them and you’ve got a full day’s worth of fiber. Soaked in organic olive oil with herbs and spice, they’re irresistible! No wonder they call them artichoke hearts <3 <3 <3

6) Four Tablespoons Sesame Seeds = 40% of RDA

Spread out over a dish and roll your energy balls in them, whether you made the energy balls yourself or not! Who says you can’t “modify up” what you got at the store?

7) One Cup Dried Apricots = 38% of RDA

A snack you can munch on whenever, wherever, from office meeting to sitting in traffic!

8) 1 Avocado = 37% of RDA

Fiber aside, avocado is loaded with nutrients and healthy fat, and who doesn’t love Avocado Toast?

9) One Cup Split Peas = 65% of RDA

Our favorite soup just got better. BTW, 33% of your RDA in protein per cup. But who ever has just one cup? A small bowl of comforting soup means over 100% of your daily fiber needs and 2/3 your protein.

10) One Cup Chickpeas = 139% of RDA

Hummus rose to stardom far beyond the Mediterranean and high fiber is one more reason why.

11) One Cup Raspberries = 32% of RDA

Check out our 2-ingredient, under 200-calorie, 20-second smoothie recipe below, and wait until you see the pretty color of this in your glass!

There it is, Kate’s 11. No need to break into a Vegas vault for fiber. And no need to eat foods you don’t enjoy. Great, right? Share this with a friend or just plain share it.


Kate Marshall




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