AURA Fudgy Protein Balls

Fudgy Protein Balls in 5 Minutes!

5 minutes, we’re not kidding, and a whopping total of 35 grams of protein! Here’s how:

1) Melt 44g of 100% raw, unsweetened cacao (we used Camino’s organic, 8 squares=44g)

2) Mix in with a spoon or spatula:

-1 scoop AURA chocolate protein powder

-1 tbsp almond butter

-1 tbsp milled chia seed (Vitamin E, fiber, omega-3’s, and yet more protein)

-1 tbsp maple syrup (can be replaced with water for a completely unsweetened version, but you need a bit of liquid to wet the chia; you can also add extra maple syrup for a sweeter version)

3) Roll into balls

This recipe makes 4 fudge balls, but it stores fantastically in the fridge, so double and quadruple amounts as desired to have on hand all week.

It's almost time for the holidays IN your skinny jeans, without giving up treats. How’s THAT for a fab trick!?!