Berry Smoothie Recipe

AURA berry smoothie

The perfect 3:30 pm treat to stay energized midday and avoid overeating dinner/sweets at night.

For today's smoothie recipe you will need:

1 c mixed berries
1 medium-sized banana
1/2 block tofu (Silken or other)
1 scoop AURA™ Wild Ocean Collagen
1 c plant milk (we used almond)
1 c water
Ice cubes

What to do:

It is VERY important to pre-blend the tofu, berries and banana to ensure your tofu gets nice and smooth. Add milk, water and ice, cinnamon to taste!

No need for any added protein in this delicious low calorie, high protein smoothie! If making it on a day you need to up your calories (or as a meal replacement), add a scoop of protein.



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