A Day in the Life of AURA Nutrition Team Member Amanda Wolfin

AURA TEAM Amanada Wolfin

Amanda Wolfin 
Community Connector + Support

Amanda loves experimenting in different ways, whether it be with arts or ingredients to make new recipes, she gets excited about what she will create. Amanda loves the AURA lineup of products because there are endless possibilities on how to enjoy them! She loves baking with AURA Faultless because it adds such a great nutritional boost, even if one too many chocolate chips end up in the batch. Her curiosity and creativeness lead her to the Marketing Management Program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Amanda value's making connections and continuously learning, and this drive leads her to attend the Rise Conference, where she discovered AURA and the rest was history! Amanda is always on the go, but when she is not busy with school or work, she is probably in the gym, getting her sweat on or cooking up a storm!



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