A Day in the Life of AURA Nutrition Team Member Nimna Wickremasinghe

A Day in the Life of AURA Nutrition Team Member Nimna Wickremasinghe

Nimna Wickremasinghe
Marketing Assistant

Nimna has a Foundation in Art & Design from the Academy of Design (AOD International Design Campus). Currently, pursuing a Diploma in Digital Marketing at the Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK while finishing course in Business Administration at the Toronto School of Management.

She is a very strong believer in living in connection with the environment, mainly because she up in a culture where most of the food consumed came from her own garden. Visiting her hometown during holidays was like a trip that connects back with nature. Nimna is all for products that enhance healthy living and she believes clean food should not be considered luxury. Hence, Nimna, is pretty stoked to be part of a brand that has health and wellness at its core.

Favourite AURA Product
Really digging the Plant Based Protein in Vanilla flavouring and the Collagen Generator!
Favourite Trip
Visiting this nice little surfing village called Hiriketiya Bay in Sri Lanka is always a favourite trip of mine. Days are long and pleasant, nights fun and warm and you never need an alarm to wake you up in the morning, your body does it on its own!
Now Playing
Currently listening to a playlist mostly comprising of music by Cannons and Jorja Smith.



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