The AURA Community

The AURA Community program was created to share and celebrate the journeys of you, your friends, sisters, mothers, and neighbours. We believe that big changes don’t happen overnight and that the team that surrounds us and the community we live in are the backbone to positive growth and success. We are dedicated to connecting with, and helping to elevate, those individual journeys, every step of the way. All you have to do to apply is join any of our online social communities and just be you.  

Cara @radicalnutrition_strathroy

Cara is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and a background in Biological Science and Psychology. A proud owner of Radical Nutrition, located in Strathroy, Ontario. Cara believes in "Health is Wealth" and is here to make you rich — nutritionally! She spends loads of time researching and discovering specific foods and nutritional supplements that best support client goals. This journey has been rewarding professionally and personally. Cara is here to work with you and your food preferences or restrictions to develop a program that fits you! She believes in eating whole foods, increase the variety and as close to its natural state as possible to nourish your body and achieve optimal health, inside and out.

Karley @cleaneatsbykarl

Karley, is a Vancouver–based registered holistic nutritionist who powers her overflowing life as a fitness and yoga instructor with fresh vegan food choices. Describing her food philosophy, she says:“If it's grown by the earth and it’s fresh, whole, vibrant with and packed with an abundance of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, how could you ever feel bad about consuming it?”

 Sogol @sogul.khalkalian

AURA is proud to have Sogol, join the AURA Community and to share some of her unbelievable adventures with you. An explorer for National Geographic, Yogi, Documentary Filmmaker, KLM / Air France / FILA ambassador, and world traveller.Born in Tehran, Iran. Sogol, found yoga at age 9 when behavioural issues led her mother to find an outlet for her energy. "From that age yoga became my life. It was not just an exercise for me but a lifestyle. Yoga connected my inner soul to the universe and I learned how to be alone," says Sogol.She goes on to tell how traveling and yoga intersect , "My life with yoga was an inner search and then traveling to see the world." The first time I decided to travel was a trip to Thailand to visit my master when I was 20. I packed with so much obsession and care. This was my first trip to Far East and a completely new culture.When I entered the yoga hall, I figured out that the surroundings had the least importance (cleanliness, décor and…) and all the focus and concentration was on inner peace and spirituality. This experience really moved me and opened my eyes. To sit and do meditation, made me face my fears. I made a list of all my fears and tried to face them by traveling and experiencing. Hiking, scuba diving, sledding with wild dogs, passing through three days of thunderstorm to reach Antarctica and many more. As I traveled more, I learned more from nature. I learned that watching your surroundings and experiencing hardships teaches you the best. Slowly this energy made me to think of how I can show my vision to others. "My camera became a window to share my experiences."

AURA Co-Founder

Born and raised in British Columbia, Kate grew up between the big city of Vancouver, and a tiny gulf island, Galiano. Having both parents be entrepreneurs and competitive athletes growing up, naturally Kate was bound to follow that path.She started "working" at the age of 11, hand making jewelry and selling it outside of her mother's business to tourists on Galiano Island. From there, she worked in many roles growing up throughout the Earls Restaurant organization, opened and run a local winery/restaurant, worked on the client side of a boutique marketing agency, volunteered for a grass-roots skin cancer foundation, among a number of other endeavours sprinkled in between.Without any organized sports on Galiano, Kate travelled back and forth to Vancouver every week to participate in soccer, skating and swimming. In high school she fell in love with rugby, continued to become team captain, win two provincial gold medals and then play for the Cayman Islands National team. She has competed at a high-level in women's tackle football and continues to push her athletic abilities on the bike, seawall, mountains and in classes around Vancouver.For the past 4 years, she has run her own yoga & fitness studio in Yaletown. She also holds the role of Athletic Director at a private health & country club in West Vancouver. She has most recently started a small yoga retreat company with her best friend, and plans to continue to follow her passion to enrich the lives of those in her community, both physically and mentally through nutrition, sports, yoga and activity. Kate, is known at AURA for a kind heart and big smile. She is the gel of the team and inspires us all to find our inner athlete.

Lora @brandagentblog

Lora, is one of our inaugural AURA Community and part of the AURA family as inspiration for the creation of our company. A dedicated wife, mother, and small business owner. Lora grew up between the lower mainland and Vancouver Island. A competitive runner and swimmer in her earlier years, with the blessing of an active and outdoorsy family as long as she can remember. A childhood filled with sailing, kayaking, camping, hiking, and afternoons at the beach are lovingly documented many family albums.After graduating with a business degree she set out on her own to big city of Vancouver. She found a dream job working at MINI and persevered to climb the ladder to a key management position within the company. Those invaluable experiences led her to create a national real estate investment company and a business consulting firm, with offices in Vancouver and San Jose, along side her husband, Chris.Lora makes the time to stay active with Yoga, hiking, and EMS training. And, of course, chasing a toddler around the house! Check her blog at:

Vanja @lifewithavaandleo

Vanja, is a content creator and stay at home mom. She studied Business Management at BCIT and worked and managed in the hospitality industry for over ten years. She has a passion for yoga and her daily inspiration is her husband and kids who are a constant reminder that staying healthy means mentally and physically. She believes in finding happiness in the little things and taking time to be more present in each moment.