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AURA Energy is an all-natural source of immediate energy with a high level of bioavailability. A single ingredient product made with MCT powder extracted from 100% sustainably sourced coconuts. Add a scoop in your morning coffee/tea to create a vegan "bulletproof" style coffee. Product size: 300g / 35 servings (5 week supply).


Women’s bodies depend more on healthy fats for fuel than men’s bodies do. AURA Energy is a single ingredient, plant-based source of energy and healthy fat. 100% made from sustainably sourced coconuts, and derived from coconut oil, medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are known to provide numerous health benefits.

AURA™ Energy | All NaturalAURA™ Energy | Made in CanadaAURA™ Energy | No Artificial ColoursAURA™ Energy | No Added Sugar/SweetnersAURA™ Energy | Certified Gluten-FreeAURA™ Energy | Dairy-FreeAURA™ Energy | VeganAURA™ Energy | Vegetarian

MCT is short for medium-chain triglycerides, which are a group of dietary fatty acids categorized by the number of carbon bonds they have. MCTs are composed of 6 to 12 carbon links; whereas most other types of dietary fats, like vegetable oils or fat found in meat or dairy products, will contain 13 or more carbon links. Because MCTs are smaller in length, they are metabolized differently from other types of fat. For example, most fats are broken down by the liver and either used as fuel or stored as body fat. However, MCTs can be broken down immediately and are often turned into ketones that are used by our brains for energy. This is why they are now being called “rocket fuel for the brain.”

  • Most MCTs are in liquid form, Aura’s MCT is in a powder form, which means less processing and easier on the digestive system.
  • The powder can be added to beverages or baked goods, unlike its oil counterpart
  • All-natural source of immediate energy without the crash of caffeine
  • High level of bioavailability
  • Sourced from 100% coconut oil
  • Creamy mouthfeel
  • Improves concentration and focus
  • Weight control (helps you feel fuller longer)
  • In athletes, may reduce lactate buildup
  • Could manage symptoms of epilepsy, Alzheimer’s Disease and Autism
  • Antibacterial properties

Ingredients: Medium Chain Triglycerides.

Contains: Tree Nuts (Coconut).

AURA™ Nutrition Energy Nutrition Facts Table

Recommended Purpose

Use AURA Energy as an instant source of energy, brain fuel, to help improve focus and concentration, and to help you achieve your weight loss goals!

What to Do

Truly flexible. Take a serving (1 tablespoon), or two, in your coffee or tea, add to your smoothies or morning oatmeal. Often used as a coffee/tea creamer, a total replacement or way to reduce the amount of dairy you add, MCT (coconut oil powder) does have a creamy effect and hint of a smell of coconut.

Check out our recipes section for inspiration, or tag your favourite creation on social for a chance to be featured!

What Is MCT Powder?

MCT is short for medium-chain triglycerides. A group of dietary fatty acids categorized by the number of carbon bonds they have. MCTs are composed of 6 to 10 carbon links. This group of fatty acids increases concentration, mental focus and physical performance.

Is AURA’s Energy a clean-label product?

Yes! We don’t add any artificial sugars, flavours, colours or preservatives.

Where are AURA’s MCTs sourced from?

We source our medium-chain triglycerides from sustainably harvested coconuts.

How do coconuts give us energy?

MCTs have an accelerated metabolic conversion and instead of being stored as fat, the calories contained in MCTs are very efficiently converted into fuel for immediate use by organs, including the brain, and muscles.

Does Energy contain any caffeine?

No, our MCT powder does not contain caffeine or any other stimulants. This means you get the energy you need without the crash of caffeine.

How do I use my MCT powder?

Stir 1 tbsp of Energy into your favourite hot or cold beverage for a delicious creamy taste. Add it to smoothies and baked goods too!

Is MCT powder different than MCT oil?

AURA Energy is an MCT Powder made from the oil so, the health benefits are the same with a few added bonuses. The powder is much easier to carry and use to-go because oil can be messy. The powder is easier on sensitive GI tracts as well.

Why is there no scoop in my Energy?

A serving of AURA Energy is the same as a tablespoon, which most people have handy in the kitchen. This also reduces the amount of plastic waste with each bottle of the product.

Is AURA Energy vegan and Keto friendly?

Yes, this product is both vegan and Keto friendly.

Where do I store my Energy?

A cool place away from sunlight and moisture is the best place to keep your MCT powder fresh.

Is Energy safe while I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

We always recommend that you talk to your health care practitioner when you are expecting or breastfeeding because nutritional requirements vary.

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