AURA™ Vanilla Plant Based Protein Powder - 500g / 14 Servings

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Plant-based diets need thoughtful considerations to ensure your body is getting everything it needs. AURA Plant Based Protein has all essential amino acids, BCAA’s, and the perfect blend of organic pumpkin seed, organic fermented sprouted brown rice, fermented pea and organic quinoa.

Women’s bodies have unique needs. Our plant-based enzyme blend, along with a protein blend focused on digestion, is what you need to avoid bloating and discomfort. 

Do you know what’s in your supplements? All AURA products are free from fillers and artificial ingredients. 


Love plant-based products, but hate the gritty feel and taste? We took the highest quality and ingredients first and added countless hours testing with our all-female panel to get the taste and texture just right.

Simplify your day and feel confident you made an easy, nutritious choice when you choose AURA Plant Based Protein as your go-to dose of extra nutrients, whatever your diet.

Made to mix easily and have sweetness perfected for your palate just by changing the amount of preferred liquid. As always AURA is all-natural, zero sugar added, athlete-tested and made with your everyday use in mind.

Recommended Purpose

Use AURA Collagen Generator to hydrate your skin, support healthy hair and nail growth, improve your focus and boost your energy levels!

What to Do

Truly flexible. Take a serving (1 tablespoon), or two, in your coffee or tea, add to your smoothies or morning oatmeal. Our collagen products easily and tastelessly mix into your favourite food or beverage.


Check out our recipes section for inspiration, or tag your favourite creation on social for a chance to be featured!

What is Collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. It is a component of your hair, skin, nails and connective tissues. It has become increasingly known for its beauty benefits and can help play a role in keeping skin youthful and glowing. Typically, the collagen molecule is too large to be absorbed by the body. Breaking the molecule into smaller pieces makes collagen more bioavailable. These smaller pieces are called peptides. Our collagen peptides are easy for the body to absorb and get right to work improving the look of fine lines, strengthening and increasing the growth rate of hair and nails.

Where is AURA’s Collagen sourced from?

Our Collagen Generator is sourced sustainably from antibiotic-free, grass-fed cattle for the highest quality Collagen.

Is AURA’s Collagen Generator a clean–label product?

Yes! We don’t add any artificial sugars, flavours, colours or preservatives.

Is Collagen Generator Vegan?

No, out Collagen Generator is not vegan. However, we make a conscious effort to source our product from sustainable, antibiotic-free, grass-fed animals for the highest quality Collagen.

What types of Collagen are present in your Generator product?

Our Collagen Generator has type I and III Collagen.

How do I use my Collagen Generator?

Stir 1 tbsp of Collagen Generator into your favourite hot or cold beverage. Add it to smoothies and baked goods for a protein boost too! Why is there no scoop in my Collagen Generator? A serving of AURA Collagen Generator is the same as a tablespoon, which most people have handy in the kitchen. This also reduces the amount of plastic waste with each bottle of the product. How long should I take Collagen? We recommend that you take 1-3 servings of Collagen Generator continuously to see the best results. Where do I store my Collagen Generator? A cool place away from sunlight and moisture is the best place to keep your Collagen fresh. Is Collagen Generator safe while I am pregnant or breastfeeding? We always recommend that you talk to your health care practitioner when you are expecting or breastfeeding because nutritional requirements vary.

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